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Dear Devotees,

We are thrilled to share exciting news with you! Our revered purohit is all set to join us from India to perform the auspicious Durga Pujo rituals in Switzerland. This year's celebrations are going to be even more special with his presence.

📅 Pujo Dates: October 20th - October 24th, 2023
Venue: Le mont sur Lausanne


Our pujari, Mr. Mritunjoy Bhattacharya with his years of experience and devotion, will ensure that the Durga Pujo ceremonies are conducted with the utmost sanctity and authenticity. We invite all devotees to participate and seek the blessings of Maa Durga during these sacred days.

Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

🙏 Daily Puja and Aarti: Join us for daily rituals led by our pujari, including morning and evening aartis.
🌺 Anjali: Offer your prayers and seek the blessings of the Goddess with the Anjali ceremony.
📜 Chandi Path: Experience the recitation of the Chandi Path, a powerful hymn dedicated to Maa Durga.
🪔 Dhunuchi Dance: Witness the mesmerizing Dhunuchi dance performances during the aarti.
🎆 Traditional Bhog: Partake in the prasad distribution of delicious traditional bhog offerings.
🌄 Cultural Programs: Enjoy cultural events and performances throughout the celebration.

Prepare your hearts and minds for a spiritually uplifting experience during these five days of devotion and celebration.

Stay tuned for more details and the full event schedule, which will be shared soon.



Dedicated to introducing a "Taste of Bengal" to Switzerland, PrangaN@Swiss is the first women-led non-profit organization serving the Indian diaspora. PrangaN organizes different social and cultural events to promote cultural integrity, ethnicity, and the spirit of India.

Saraswati Pujo 2023


This year, PrangaN@Swiss had its inaugural Saraswati puja celebration. Revisit the memories by clicking on the link below

Sarbojanin Durgotsab 2022

As part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav,
commemorating 75 years of India's
independence, as well as the illustrious history of our people, culture, and achievements, PrangaN@Swiss showcased integration, diversity and
secularism, during Durgotsab 2022.
The objective of this year's Pujo was to highlight the various festivities that are held throughout India over the same festive season. 

The PrangaN Sarbojanin Durga Pujo has developed significantly from its inception in 2021 and aspires to be the most prestigious and anticipated Pujo celebration in the Lemanic region of Switzerland. We are an organization in the Swiss Romandie area to observe all the customs and rituals related to Durga Pujo. To achieve this, Purohit Mritunjoy Bhattacharya, a prominent academic from Mumbai, India, performed all ceremonies commemorating Goddess Maa Durga this year. Mr. Bhattacharya has served as a priest for Bharat Seva Ashram for the past 26 years. He has performed many Pujas, including Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja, and Satyanarayan Puja. Additionally, he has performed the Hom and Puja for Mumbai's most revered Lalbagcha Raja Ganesh Chaturthi festival for the past five years. In addition to doing pujas in India, he has been invited to carry out Durga puja ceremonies in Switzerland, Kuwait, Qatar, and Dubai.


Dandiya preparation

The first of many workshops we conducted as part of PrangaN’s cultural integration initiative during Sarbojonin Durga puja 2022, involving particiants from various parts of the world living in Switzerland.

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