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PrangaN@Swiss aims to create the same fun, friendly and social environment that comes to mind when we think about its literal meaning. It is a non-profit organization of Bengali diaspora in Switzerland, committed to bringing a 'Taste of Bengal' to Switzerland. PrangaN organizes different social and cultural events, such as  Vasant Utsav and the Durga Puja, to promote the ethnicity, warmth, and spirit of India.

This is a platform to stay connected with our roots far away in this foreign land. We look forward to connecting with you all through PrangaN, in the hopes of keeping ties to our culture and heritage, and promoting harmony and integration. 

Executive Committee 2022-23

Ms. Sulata Brousoz     Ms. Swayamvara Bose     Ms. Madhurima Roy

Team Finance

Ms. Sulata Brousoz      Mr. Samrat Roy

Team Communication and Sponsorship

Ms. Isha Ranadive     Ms. Eshita Mutt Das      Mr. Anindya Bhattacharjee     Mr. Suman Das      Mr. Somen Chakraborty      Ms. Madhurima Roy

Team Outreach

Ms. Shivani Bharadwaj     Ms. Durba Gupta

Team Continuous Improvement

Ms. Durba Gupta      Ms. Monalisa Das      Mr. Rahul Chowdhury

Team Event Management

Mr. Babu Brousoz      Ms. Swayamvara Bose      Mr. Subro Bose      Mr. Soumitra Ghosh      Mr. Shubhajit Das      Mr. Riddha Manna   Mr. Souradeep Majumdar   Ms. Anisha Chowdhury   Ms. Shivani Bharadwaj    Ms. Unmonna Bannerjee  Ms. Juhi Chakraborty     Ms. Monalisa Das      Mr. Sumit Sharma     Mr.Adhiraj Bandyopadhyay      Ms. Mahua Mitra      Mr. Bhaskar Mitra

PrangaN Pujo Patrika Editorial Board

Ms. Kinkini Bhadra      Ms. Anuradha Das Bhattacharyya

Former Executive Committee 2021

Ms. Sharmistha Saha     Ms. Sulata Brousoz     Ms. Soma Biswas     Ms. Eshita Mutt     Ms. Anuradha Das Bhattacharyya

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